Upstaging Barnaby

Even Mrs Joyce wants her husband’s love affair to be subsumed by the national interest. Isn’t it a shame that so many writers are enjoying the scandal so much that they can’t leave it alone? Many women would identify with Mrs Joyce, and some, I believe, would identify with Ms Campion. We’ve all known men … Continue reading Upstaging Barnaby

The Story of FICH: Part 1

The support group Formerly in Children’s Homes officially existed in Queensland in 1992 when it became Incorporated, but it had started on August 27th, 1990 after our $100 ad in the Courier Mail.   It was meant to be Children’s Homes, not ‘Children Homes’ but there was a typo. Here is the CM article that … Continue reading The Story of FICH: Part 1

Munchkin’s day at Moving On: A “Show To Remember”

I remember the day I first met Munchkin.  She was nestled in Rose’s lap as we all sat in a circle at Moving On.  Moving On was the name of a program of meetings devised jointly by the Aftercare Resource Centre and Griffith University. What we later discovered was this: 'ex-residents' (and their family members) … Continue reading Munchkin’s day at Moving On: A “Show To Remember”