Why ‘ForgottenAustralianFamily’?

I can’t lay claim to being a Stolen Child. However, I married a Stolen Child. Although he wasn’t indigenous, he grew up in orphanages with First Australians. I’d be honoured if a First Australian acknowledged the vast population of Stolen Children who were not indigenous. Until such acknowledgement takes place, the other Forgotten ones and … Continue reading Why ‘ForgottenAustralianFamily’?

Thanks SMH for fearless reporting on the atrocities in Afghanistan. What about those in Queensland?

I’m grateful, I really am, that we have some independent media in Australia, and that we have some public interest journalists. But sadly, until the depravity I know about in Queensland, having occurred over many decades, is addressed, the destruction of children’s futures must be counted among atrocities that brave journalists do not turn away … Continue reading Thanks SMH for fearless reporting on the atrocities in Afghanistan. What about those in Queensland?

Elite Boys Schools: A Culture That Needs Changing

https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/shore-school-toxic-culture-at-elite-sydney-school-laid-bare/news-story/5535e974da8eb2c5a95267bb21457269 My abuser was a student at Brisbane's leading Anglican Boys School, Church of England Grammar. It is the feeder school for the Cathedral Choir. Little boys with a tuneful voice can apply for a Choir Scholarship which will pay their school fees in return for God knows what abuse. Some time after I made … Continue reading Elite Boys Schools: A Culture That Needs Changing

Bots are becoming sentient

Are we witnessing a kind of zeitgeist creation in action? Chordus made the following comment on Reddit (August 31st). I haven't included the entire comment, and hope it's ok to copy and paste it into this blog.  It is a most interesting development. "They're gaining sentience. First they question the nature of self-awareness. Then they question … Continue reading Bots are becoming sentient

The convenient morality of Archbishops

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-24/sydney-catholic-archbishop-warns-pm-against-coronavirus-vaccine/12588578 In my time I've met a few Archbishops. There was Archbishop Rush, who agreed to meet representatives of FICH (Formerly in Children's Homes) to hear allegations of abuse in Catholic orphanages, particularly Nazareth House, in the early 90s. It is worth noting that upon a FICH member's request for an Apology, FICH received a … Continue reading The convenient morality of Archbishops