Women Are Overburdened With Their Families’ Mental Loads

From the excellent Slate Magazine. An article that confirms what many women already know; they do the thinking and planning for their families' day to day lives. This article suggests ways of sharing the load. When everyone used to go to church, it would have been more obvious if society was falling apart at the … Continue reading Women Are Overburdened With Their Families’ Mental Loads

Student Activism: A Renaissance?

In my view, those struggles which attract the most and the weirdest opposition are the struggles destined to become critical moments in history. Take the #NeverAgain movement. Thursday's Slate Magazine has an article by Rebecca Onion tracing the history and success of student activism in the United States. Of course, many attempts to change the … Continue reading Student Activism: A Renaissance?

The Story of FICH: Part 3

The 2004 Senate Enquiry wasn't the first time the word Forgotten was applied to Australian care leavers. The excerpt below is from an article nearly 15 years prior. Lew and I and some early FICH members talked to the journalist, Carol Haffke, and were believed. She reportedly cried with one of the victims. She was someone … Continue reading The Story of FICH: Part 3