Media Release: UQ 24 July 2018

Media Statement For immediate release Call for Australian Government to investigate University of Queensland’s mishandling of sex abuse claims 24 July 2018 Mrs Sylvia Blayse has today spoken of her outrage that University of Queensland (UQ) did not report former lecturer, Dr Robert Boughen OBE, to external authorities for grooming and sexually assaulting her in … Continue reading Media Release: UQ 24 July 2018

Classical Music #MeToo: Part 2: Universities

This blog will be about sexual harassment of students in all types of university faculty. Further research will be needed to determine if it is worse in particular disciplines. Furthermore, I don't know how bad the problem is in non-English speaking countries, so I will need to confine this brief survey to the UK, the … Continue reading Classical Music #MeToo: Part 2: Universities

Classical Music #MeToo: Part 1. Churches

Various media, including blogs like this one, are beginning to enumerate the different fields of endeavour being included in the #MeToo movement. Wherever ambition, talent, beauty and youth are combined with a suitably isolated venue, it seems to attract sexual predators. So far #MeToo has included the entertainment, sport, popular music and education industries. It … Continue reading Classical Music #MeToo: Part 1. Churches