Student Activism: A Renaissance?

In my view, those struggles which attract the most and the weirdest opposition are the struggles destined to become critical moments in history. Take the #NeverAgain movement. Thursday's Slate Magazine has an article by Rebecca Onion tracing the history and success of student activism in the United States. Of course, many attempts to change the … Continue reading Student Activism: A Renaissance?

The Story of FICH: Part 3

The 2004 Senate Enquiry wasn't the first time the word Forgotten was applied to Australian care leavers. The excerpt below is from an article nearly 15 years prior. Lew and I and some early FICH members talked to the journalist, Carol Haffke, and were believed. She reportedly cried with one of the victims. She was someone … Continue reading The Story of FICH: Part 3

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Even if you never learn another phrase in the French language, the one in the title is a must. Whenever history begins repeating itself, it's a phrase that often springs to mind. There have been many moments in human history when people have drawn a … Continue reading Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Baby Boomers and Their Parents: A Difficult Relationship

I grew up in a Liberal Party household. My father knew I was left wing; he contented himself with using argument to try and convince me I was wrong. I was not forbidden to hold the opinions I had, but he never stopped trying to change my mind. An example was his view of Communism, … Continue reading Baby Boomers and Their Parents: A Difficult Relationship

What Pell’s Lawyer Said

“The domino effect which occurred with those other people starts from an unreliable and uncredible source,” Shann told the court. I cannot believe a lawyer is saying this. God help us.  A domino effect! OK, so does that mean nobody remembers their childhood trauma until someone else remembers their childhood trauma? Maybe my experience will … Continue reading What Pell’s Lawyer Said