Forgotten Australians’ Human Rights. Forgotten?

After an impassioned plea by Rosemary and Gary Bateman for Gold Cards to be issued to Forgotten Australians, the response so far has been non-existent. Any politicians who DO respond will be gratefully acknowledged on this site. Here are two follow-up letters from Rosemary. Maybe someone will begin a petition on 1. "If Aboriginal … Continue reading Forgotten Australians’ Human Rights. Forgotten?

Always Forgotten Australians: A Letter from Mrs Rosemary Bateman nee Maurer

My friends Rosemary and Gary Bateman are an inspiration. I support Rosemary's call for Gold Cards for Forgotten Australians. cheers Sylvia Care leavers and their families urgently need help. Help which could be authorised by the stroke of a pen. Stop valorising only those people who can progress through life with their heads held proud. … Continue reading Always Forgotten Australians: A Letter from Mrs Rosemary Bateman nee Maurer

A Memorial to Lewin Blazevich / Lewis Blayse

By Aletha Blayse Artwork (and artwork placement) The circular metal artwork is by Jason Tremewen of Metalistik Wall Art: . The mandala is based on one of Daddy's paintings; the photo of Daddy is from 1972. I don't know the name of the photographer, but the image conversion / rendering was done by Elizabeth McNamee of TimeLens … Continue reading A Memorial to Lewin Blazevich / Lewis Blayse

Gold Cards for Forgotten Australians!

For a long time Forgotten Australians have been asking for a Gold Card. Here’s why. FAs do not dispute that returned service men and women deserve a Gold Card. The government rightly recognizes the sacrifice these citizens have made, by ensuring that especially as they age, their needs are remembered, and met, to a higher … Continue reading Gold Cards for Forgotten Australians!

Media Release: UQ 24 July 2018

Media Statement For immediate release Call for Australian Government to investigate University of Queensland’s mishandling of sex abuse claims 24 July 2018 Mrs Sylvia Blayse has today spoken of her outrage that University of Queensland (UQ) did not report former lecturer, Dr Robert Boughen OBE, to external authorities for grooming and sexually assaulting her in … Continue reading Media Release: UQ 24 July 2018