Watch out, young, attractive students!

Whatever you do, steer clear of large, cavernous churches, especially cathedrals with organ lofts in the heights.

Be careful not to attend one-on-one lessons for any subject during university hours. Take especial care in the case of keyboard instruments.

If you are attractive, try to minimise this somehow. You could adopt some disguise, perhaps. If you’re terrified, try to hide this as well. Predators are excited by fear.

If all else fails, and a teacher begins to groom you, then none of these strategies have worked. Sadly, you may need to admit defeat against rapaciousness and succumb to Stockholm Syndrome.

If, decades later, you look back and realise it wasn’t your fault, by all means confront your abuser, but remember, denial is his weapon of choice, that and gaslighting. Be prepared to have him go on record saying: I recall the student concerned as being extremely disturbed.

If after this, you have any self-esteem left, nurture it well against the day somebody cares enough to tell your story.



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