Watch the Netflix Documentary: Surviving Death. It’s stunning

I couldn’t believe the depths of scepticism in reviews of this production. I watched it with my daughter; we were both comforted by it, especially the reincarnation stories. Not that I’ll be applying for another Earthly incarnation in the future, the way things are going!

I love any astronomy shows on tv. Neptune is my current favourite planet, for its blue colour. I have an image of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21/12/2020 in front of my Inbox.

The most popular images are of nebulae. Their beauty makes it almost worth listening to what can be inane commentary, although I’m gaining some new knowledge. Did you know that planetary nebulae have no connection with planets? (I could be mistaken here.)

Here’s hoping there will be more documentaries about surviving death, and more gorgeous views of the universe.



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