Historic abuse victims failed again

Tasmanian paedophile James Griffin has died before receiving justice for decades of child abuse. How many more offenders will leave this earth before justice catches up with them? Will there be a Commission of Inquiry after a certain well known organist and choirmaster departs this world? I do hope so. I will be among the first to give evidence, something I’ve been denied so far, despite two specific inquiries into his conduct, one by the Anglican Diocese in 2004 and one by the University of Queensland in 2018. These institutions were his employers for decades. Both inquiries substantiated my claims. Nevertheless he was awarded an OBE by the Queen, and the title of Cantuar by the Archbishop of Canterbury. He abused me as a 17 year old beginning organ student at St John’s Cathedral. The girlfriend I confided in at the time has written an account. She also happened to be there when her father-in-law, a former fellow choirboy, disclosed that he had witnessed my abuser being sexually abused on a camping trip for the Cathedral choirboys in the 1930s.

As a fellow survivor remarked: it takes a paedophile to make a paedophile.

I am not his only victim. My story and that of his 12 year old victim can be found in Victims’ Stories in the SNAP Australia website. I’ve recently been in contact with someone who was abused, not by him, but by his lawyer, who came to my attention when he had the 2004 independent finding that I was abused overturned by the Anglican Church in Brisbane. This should not have surprised me; after all, Paul De Jersey is the legal advisor to the Diocese, as well as the Governor of Queensland and former Chief Justice. There is no separation of powers in Queensland, you see. Anyone wanting to know more should consult the excellent website about the Heiner Affair. Kevin Lindberge has updated the site, and it’s well worth reading.



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