Is Anyone Surprised?

I wasn’t shocked or horrified when I read about the SAS troops in Afghanistan. I’ve known for a long time what atrocities people are capable of. I’ve read reports about child abuse, that have attributed it to poor training, lack of supervision and a host of other reasons. I’ve read criminology, about why people kill, why sadists murder, why psychopaths rape. In my family are victims of rape and torture. It doesn’t surprise me to read about the SAS. What does surprise me is that anyone else is surprised.

I live in a State whose Governor has engaged in some highly questionable activities. He is a close friend and colleague of the man who abused me as a school leaver 50 years ago. As a result of this he has never faced charges either for what he did to me or what he did to a 12 year old girl known to my family. I also live in this State where the Police and DPP forced my child to sign a lie, saying she had consented to being raped by a stranger.

This State, this Country, may not be a place to be that proud of. Let’s start looking more closely at some of those whom we have always venerated without question. I’m not proud to have been associated with a profession – church organists – where the rate of convictions for child sex abuse is so high. Similarly I think anyone associated with the Church who employed my abuser should examine their conscience. But I guess this won’t happen because it is, after all, the Cathedral, and he was, in the words of the Head of Taskforce Argos, “the top organist in Queensland”. So no, I’m not surprised to read that elite soldiers committed atrocities. Elite priests and musicians do it all the time.



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