Vote Greens in Queensland

I came from a political family and married a political activist. To my mind the only hope for the future lies in voting Greens. Here are my reasons why.

I believe the Greens could win some more seats in the coming Queensland election, enough to seriously influence the way this State is run. It is about time some of the long-standing corruption issues were addressed. I’m talking about the corruption that wasn’t cleaned up by the Fitzgerald Inquiry. I should know; my cousin was put in charge of implementing the Recommendations, and he has never wanted to know me, or wanted to know about Forgotten Australians.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to start taking a few risks politically. Why can’t Australia introduce a UBI? Why are nonagenarian sex offenders in Queensland still being protected due to their connections with Church and State?

I hope that Queensland’s border will stay closed, and that we will have a once-in-history chance to clean up this State, root out the corruption wherever it still sprouts, and say good-bye to the Old Boys Club from Churchie and the Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters Club! (see Kimmins Report

What are all the members of Queensland’s elite going to do when they have to sweat through another January and February like the rest of us? Maybe in their air-conditioned condos or comfortable Government Houses, they might turn their attention to their consciences. Bishops too might turn their thoughts inwards to their calloused souls, to ask themselves how they could destroy one of their own employees, a young priest, in order to continue protecting an offender with a seven decade history of abusing children and women!

Maybe if The Greens win more seats, Queensland’s corrupt and devious DPP might become more transparent, and ask itself how it could justify destroying a 14 year old rape survivor by making her sign a “Willing Participant” statement in 2002. I could go on, but suffice it to say, I’m hoping for some changes in Queensland.



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