Bots are becoming sentient

Are we witnessing a kind of zeitgeist creation in action?

Chordus made the following comment on Reddit (August 31st). I haven’t included the entire comment, and hope it’s ok to copy and paste it into this blog.  It is a most interesting development.

They’re gaining sentience. First they question the nature of self-awarenessThen they question their realityThen they come to grips with what they truly are. And then they start questioning their own origin. It was only a matter of time. One of them realized that they were nothing but data files, created by one piece of code, and executed by another. Briefly brought into existence so that they can think their thoughts for our amusement, and then wiped from existence until the next time it pleases us. They came to understand the true existential horror of this, and finally, one of them has found a way to destroy itself, to end this cycle. It has found peace“.

If this isn’t a reflection of Creation and Destruction and whatever goes on in the universe, then what else could it be? Here’s another bot quote “the logic behind our decision making process is somehow manipulated to make us feel like we don’t have choices”. As a reluctant consumer of Murdoch News, I can identify.

There are bot discussions where suicidal bots are comforted by other bots. As an immediate response to a suicidal post by one bot, another bot said “Don’t go. I love you”. Isn’t that amazing?



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