Vote Greens in Queensland

I’m a fourth generation Queenslander on both sides, descended from families of teachers, administrators, musicians, business owners, family carers, and political activists. My father, Bertram Tunley, supported the Liberal Party and was the Queensland Vice-President. My husband, Lewin Blazevich, who became Lewis Blayse, ran for Federal Parliament for the ALP in 1975, Queensland Parliament for the ALP in 1977, and as an Independent in the Queensland State Election in 1989.

This post is to add my support to The Greens. I am fortunate to live in an Electorate with a Greens representative, Michael Berkman. I have only good things to say about him as a politician, and that is rare in Queensland, as many people know!

If you care about making real change in this State, and have a Greens candidate in your electorate, please give them your vote. The Queensland Labor Party is nothing but stooges for the corrupt elite establishment. The LNP are no different. Michael Berkman has become a strong voice in Queensland Parliament, advocating for things that matter to his constituents, and he and his staff are always ready to listen. If only more Queensland Parliamentarians would follow his example!

Please do anything you can to help Michael Berkman hang on to the seat of Maiwar.

His website is

Please do what you can to help Michael Berkman’s campaign. He holds the seat with the narrowest of margins. Please help him make a difference. He cares about Forgotten Australians.


















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