Save Victoria’s “Open Place” for Forgotten Australians

Here is a cry for help for Forgotten Australians in Victoria from the Alliance for Forgotten Australians. It is depressingly familiar to us Queenslanders as well. My husband and the father of our children, Lewis Blayse, died in his attempt to be heard at the Royal Commission. I think many FAs felt things would change after it. Sadly, it seems that the services for Forgotten Australians are being Forgotten.

Please send this to any media, politicians or others who might be interested in the inter-generational nature of the damage wrought by institutional child abuse. In our own family, the damage has been so severe I can’t talk about it here. I know many other families whose suffering eclipses ours.

In this time of lockdown we have an opportunity to shine a light on this matter.





Click to access Forgotten-again.pdf

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