The lack of press freedom in Australia: the price of silence

Has anyone else spent decades trying to get justice about historic abuse, only to be thwarted at every turn? Here in Queensland it’s even worse. They’re still relying on outmoded and discredited legal models like the Queensland 2002 Personal Injuries and Proceedings Act, a punitive measure introduced by the Beattie Government, and designed to silence victims who had been promised compensation by Recommendation 39 of the Forde Inquiry.

Was anyone else at Queensland Parliament the day they handed down the Government’s Response to the Forde Implementation Committee’s Interim Report? Who else remembers Beattie’s infamous words: They can access normal legal channels.

It was so chilling; all the more so because nobody in the Chamber was taking the slightest bit of notice. I looked around and saw my own shock and horror mirrored on the faces of fellow survivors. Afterwards some of us were interviewed. I remember saying they would keep us in and out of courts and litigation until we died. And so it has proved to be.

One would have thought, after the Royal Commission, that a cruel and sadistic Act like the Queensland Personal Injuries and Proceedings Act 2002, which asks victims impossible to remember details about incidents of abuse on a single day, would have seen an ignominious demise. After all, this Act ignores the 24/7 nightmare existence of Home Kids, as well as the slow, insidious slithering of the grooming process over weeks and months, in a sanctified, rarefied place.

I wouldn’t be so upset about this had the Queensland Personal Injuries and Proceedings Act 2002 been shoved where it belongs. It hasn’t.

Moreover, it is being used by the Church to delay justice for me and my family.

If, like me, you feel that press freedom is being compromised, particularly in Queensland, you might enjoy the article below.




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