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from the article by staff writers—-

“Cardinal George Pell is being investigated over new child abuse allegations made by a different accuser according to reports.

The Victorian Police have been secretly investigating the claims according to an exclusive report from the Herald Sun. The accuser is a male who works in a professional role who made claims about alleged child sex abuse that date back to the 1970s.

Victoria Police told they weren’t able to comment on the claims made in the report.”

and from The Daily Mail

“Cardinal George Pell is reportedly under police investigation after a new accuser came forward with fresh allegations of child abuse.

A week on from his successful High Court appeal against child sex convictions, reports said Victoria Police had been investigating a separate accusation against Pell, 78.

Police are yet to approach Pell or his legal team over the fresh allegation – which is understood to date back to the 1970s, according to the Herald Sun. “


from the ABC

‘ “It’s not a sign of a civilisation where you have guilt by accusation, these things have to be tested respectfully,” Cardinal Pell said.’

My reply:

It’s not a sign of a civilisation when honest, truthful and respectful complaints of child sexual abuse such as the ones I first made in 1997, and have continued to make since then, are ignored by the authorities. If my own experience is any guide, then there are plenty of victims out there too afraid to make a complaint, for fear of being treated as I have been, by church, university and police.

It’s not respectful to systematically destroy the life of a young priest who saw my story in 2002, recognized his mother’s abuser when she was aged 12 from her deathbed disclosure six years earlier, then respectfully and sincerely contacted the Diocese to corroborate my abuse. Neither is it respectful to hide that knowledge from a properly constituted Inquiry, pretend to have forgotten about it, and delayed justice for me and who knows how many other victims of a man who, in many circles, is as revered as Cardinal Pell appears to be.



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