Maybe the meek will inherit the earth after all.

Dear Bernie,

Like you, my late husband Lew was a Ward of the State. This Post is to honour you and all other former State Wards, foster children, and all who remain uncounted and nameless, 470,000 families if the 2004 Senate Report Forgotten Australians is to be believed. Where is everyone? How are you managing?

Someone has had the courage, finally, to tell on Pell!

Now, maybe some of the people close to Pell, other Church officials, dare I say it, organists, choirmasters, etc. might be more open to

a discussion about the kind of organizational culture that supports child abuse.

I am reeling from Bernie’s story. On some level, as I read it, I already knew it. Men like Pell are so entitled. I saw that in St John’s Cathedral during my own grooming and abuse by a Church official; one who remains in denial, despite four official inquiries substantiating my abuse, and 23 years of complaint after complaint.

I would be so happy if the stories of all Former State Wards could be told. I am willing to publish anyone’s story on this blog, if indeed you would trust me to do justice to it in this very little-read publication.

Bernie, I think you should run for Parliament. You would definitely get my vote, for sticking it out this long, and remaining certain of your truth.











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