Support for Karen’s comment: State Children are a different ‘race’

Thank you so much to Karen for your comment, reproduced below.

Here is what Karen said in response to the post about Gold Cards. Lew would have wholeheartedly agreed! To him, children of the State, or State Children, really do see the State as their parent, and other Home Kids as their siblings.

Karen began by defining who we are – something our family still grapples with daily!

“Institutionalised/ state wards were treated differently by the community. The names, the labels,  often ostracised- social outcasts.

We are not like other Australians, society has made us different.

We have become a different race”.

Hear! Hear!

Furthermore, Karen points out that

“a modern term for ‘race’ is a ‘social construct’, as an identity based on the rules made by society. Australian Constitution Section 51 . (xxvi) refers to “the people of any race for whom it deemed necessary to make special laws”.

If the government fails to recognise our differences, that is discrimination.”

And that is why we keep fighting.

Karen continues –

“When we were placed in Care and Protection ( yes, I know what that really means , dumped into neglect and depravity ), the States became our guardians, our parents”.

“All other children under our guardian’s care became our siblings.

Karen then provides the most powerful argument I have read for treating Forgotten Australians and their families as a special, separate, cultural group.

Karen says:

“As children we didn’t see a biological difference with our brothers and sisters. How can a government discriminate and treat us differently? We still see them all as family!”

“That’s our belief, our beliefs are real; they can’t discriminate against us for that either.”

In years past we had no rights, but to ignore our needs now is a serious miscarriage of justice.”

Karen concludes with a plea,

“Please keep fighting for the damaged child in all of us”.

Yes I will.




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