Alliance for Forgotten Australians Submission to Aged Care Royal Commission

This submission is reproduced with kind permission of the Alliance for Forgotten Australians. Some comments from the FA family perspective are offered after it.

Alliance for Forgotten Australians Submission to Aged Care Royal Commission

Please take the time to click on the link and read the submission. It contains very important information for Forgotten Australians and their Carers and families.

I am the widow of Lewis Blayse/Lewin Blazevich and the mother of his three children. I can thoroughly endorse the comments made in the Submission. I am certain that Lew would have taken his life if faced with the prospect of aged care. It is a blessing that he died peacefully in his sleep.

I also support the idea of voluntary euthanasia, not just for Forgotten Australians but for those whose lives have been blighted by Australia’s Child Removal Industry, like myself and at least one of my children. I can imagine the horror readers must feel at this, but it is the sad truth that at least one of Lew’s and my children experiences suicidal ideation.

Before we all get too much older, do something to help the 500,000 Forgotten Australians and their families, whether First Nations or from those who arrived later.

Please note, it is not my intention to appropriate the name Gold Card. The Gold Card is quite rightly a recognition of service men and women. I agree that a similar card should exist for Forgotten Australians. An FA Recognition Card. I would also want an FA Family recognition card. I received a very expensive education which was largely wasted through my having to care for a care leaver. Our children’s health has been severely damaged as well.

Will First Nations Stolen Children join our struggle perhaps?
















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