Questions we wish the NDIS had asked.

The NDIS Fails a Forgotten Australian, Part 2.

Why does this person require a Carer person to take her shopping?

And why does she need transport to many other appointments – such as the many doctors’ appointments her several health conditions necessitate?

Who Cares by just taking her for a drive, to take her out of her self-imposed agoraphobia?

Why is she unable to perform routine house work? Why does she need help with cooking meals?

Her health directive states she uses no mind altering drugs.  Owing to her DNA she can’t take statins, aspirin or anti-inflammatories.  She tried statins with disastrous results.

She has an always dislocated elbow and wrist spin.  This added to her severe depression, culminating in suicidal thoughts after moving house. She can’t walk far at all, owing to plantar fasciitis pain and pain in the calves.

She is afraid of Centrelink and other authority figures, like many FAs I know. A psychiatrist who saw her for ten years stated: “I didn’t know it was so bad for you” but then put her on schizophrenia medication’.  Doctors stood over and intimidated her and her husband, to force her to take this medication. It would lead to a heart attack.

Also – she doesn’t handle money, “as there is never enough of it to pay for the bills”.

As a Carer of Lewis Blayse from 1969 until 1999, I performed many tasks that were unthinkable for him. Chief of these was his inability to deal with authority figures. Primal terror in early childhood does have that effect. There were countless things he couldn’t do, that other people don’t think twice about. He couldn’t “do” cupboards. I mean, he was simply unable to use cupboards. All through his childhood, cupboards were places holding objects he was not allowed to touch. He probably wouldn’t have been helped by the NDIS either.

He died at 64, not even able to make it to the Age Pension, which I know would have made him proud. His children and I have so far failed to show the world why it is wrong to fracture families.  The NDIS needs to take notice of the lifelong disability created by uncaring institutions of both State and Church.

How dare the NDIS tell a seriously ill woman and her husband they can do nothing for her?




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