The NDIS fails a Forgotten Australian

Did anyone else recoil in horror when they first heard of the NDIS? Having dealt with government and welfare authorities for the half century I’ve cared for our Forgotten Australian family, one thing has become clear.

Do not expect government to care, or understand, about the long term outcomes of childhood institutionalization.

We’re long past the stage of Inquiries; there are few citizens still in doubt that Stolen Children suffered long term harm. That is why I started this blog. Instead of listening to me about it, everyone should take a close look at the reasons why a Forgotten Australian woman has been denied any help by the NDIS.

Far from acknowledging the lifelong State and Church conferred disability she has suffered, this letter is yet another kick in the teeth for all Forgotten Australians and their families.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2019) found that households where a family member was from Stolen Generations experienced more adverse outcomes. This post is about the lack of awareness being demonstrated, by the NDIS, of long term adverse outcomes for Forgotten Australians and their families. A glaring example in the letter reproduced below is their refusal to consider a person under 65 (by only a few years) as qualifying for support on the basis of age. Any Forgotten Australian family member can demonstrate how ridiculous that is.







The person who assessed this claim repeats the phrase “I am not satisfied that” several times.

Here’s what Forgotten Australians and their families would like to know. What would it take for the NDIS to be “satisfied” that a person meets eligibility requirements for support under NDIS EARLIER IN LIFE than a non-Stolen Generations child?

Comments are welcome on this site. Something has to be done to help Forgotten Australians and their families, who are still suffering unspeakably, let me assure you.



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