The joys of proofreading

To any community groups who produce a newsletter. I proofread! For nothing! I’m long past needing to prove myself. The proof is in the editing!

You can contact me through my website

I find myself proofreading when I read the news. These days, it’s difficult to find a single article without at least one grammatical or syntax error. It’s getting so bad, the mistakes are showing up in headlines as well. I’m going to start collecting what the paid editors and proofreaders miss. Don’t even get me started on the grammar and syntax errors in comments sections. What has happened to the way children are taught grammar? We used to parse sentences, underline the verb, identify subject and object, draw curved lines over phrases and clauses, all with aplomb, even in early grades. It’s a shame if kids aren’t learning that stuff now.

With all the ESL learning, people like me who care about grammar and syntax are becoming redundant. Lest anyone thinks of us as dinosaurs, consider the fate of the poor proofreader, forever condemned to wince at each error, much as they would wince at a wrong note from a choir.



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