Forgotten Australians’ Human Rights. Forgotten?

After an impassioned plea by Rosemary and Gary Bateman for Gold Cards to be issued to Forgotten Australians, the response so far has been non-existent.

Any politicians who DO respond will be gratefully acknowledged on this site.

Here are two follow-up letters from Rosemary. Maybe someone will begin a petition on

1. “If Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have a special card entitling them to care for their health needs, not unlike the Vet card, why don’t Forgotten Australians? Many grew up with them as well “

(Note: I can corroborate this: my late husband, Lew Blayse, said half the kids in the Homes were Aboriginal).

Sounds like discrimination to me. So where is the human rights in this?

Mrs Rosemary Bateman

2. To whom this should be of concern

As a Forgotten Australian, since the Forde Enquiry I have been requesting a Gold Card for all Forgotten Australians, due to the extended health issues they experience, often over their childhood and adult years.

I am seeking such support for second cataract surgery ASAP due to TIA issues. The Mater Hospital needs to have this support advanced on my behalf.

This request adds to attempts to gain a Gold Card for all FAs, following the Commission of Inquiry into sexual abuse. A Gold Card such as the Vets already have had for a period of time.

Thank you for your swift response in the positive.

Mrs Rosemary Bateman


Like most Forgotten Australians, Mrs Bateman is battling several health conditions. No research is being done on mortality rates for FAs, or rates of disease and average age of  onset for various conditions like cataracts. Why is it that FAs routinely present with such conditions years earlier than other Australians? The answer is simple. These kids were not given so much as a toothbrush. Medical attention and care was non-existent. Injuries, including those inflicted in the committing of cruel acts of violence against the children, were left untreated. These conditions have remained and worsened with time.

Help Forgotten Australians receive the health care they need!
















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