Always Forgotten Australians: A Letter from Mrs Rosemary Bateman nee Maurer

My friends Rosemary and Gary Bateman are an inspiration. I support Rosemary’s call for Gold Cards for Forgotten Australians.



Care leavers and their families urgently need help.

Help which could be authorised by the stroke of a pen.

Stop valorising only those people who can progress through life with their heads held proud.

Valorise those who had their heads kicked as children, who had no voice; those who still have no words for what happened to them, and remain


Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Always Forgotten Australians

I request a Gold Card  with all the benefits enjoyed by the DVA Veterans Gold Card be authorised to me without delay.

While I acknowledge the service and commitment  our returned  soldiers have made for the safety, conditions and security we all share in this unique country, this Gold Card should be ‘The Order of the Day ‘  to empower Forgotten Australians who suffer with crippling PTSD and associated health issues, which were no fault of their own.

As ‘Children in Care’ ( I use this term very loosely as there was very little ) we found the Government acting as surrogate parents failed in their DUTY OF CARE to protect me and care for my health and well being.

I therefore request for you to immediately employ a ‘Private Members Bill’ to have monies allocated to expedite this funding for a GOLD HEALTH CARE type CARD.

While I am aware of the Redress Scheme as set down by the Royal Commission into the abuse of Children while in Care, this action does not go near far enough for those of us suffering with long term health requirements.

With this in mind, I beseech you to act on my behalf to secure ‘A Fair Go’ and put into place a recommendation to increase the Disability Pension to a  liveable standard indexed by CPI which would acknowledge the ‘life time’ HURT, DAMAGE and CRUELTY caused by no fault of mine, except being a child with no voice.

Submitted for your instantaneous action PLEASE!!!

Mrs Rosemary Bateman nee Maurer


Can somebody please begin a petition asking for


With best wishes to all Forgotten Australians and their families

Sylvia Blayse



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