Women Are Overburdened With Their Families’ Mental Loads

From the excellent Slate Magazine. An article that confirms what many women already know; they do the thinking and planning for their families’ day to day lives. This article suggests ways of sharing the load.

When everyone used to go to church, it would have been more obvious if society was falling apart at the seams. Nowadays we only have to listen, as the sounds of Saturday night domestics float above our street in the foothills.

There’s a thing called ‘lateral violence’. It’s when people in families turn on each other when times are tough, like they are now. It’s everywhere you look. When churches used to draw crowds, was it because communities used to experience things like Want as a collective? This might have provided some comfort for those who suffered. They could see others suffering as well.

Forgotten Australian families often suffer in isolation, if our experience is anything to go by.  If a person becomes harvested by welfare in Australia, they have fallen through the cracks between all the government departments. Their children and grandchildren may fall through as well. Very few in the media seem to understand that Forgotten Australian families are different, with a different set of needs.









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