How Many Australian Prisoners Are Care Leavers?

Here are two documents from the year Lew and Sylvia worked at Wacol Prison. The first is a notice that was displayed in the compound.

FICH_Wacol Prison

Greg Clark contributed some of his story to the FICH Newsletter, and excerpts are re-published below the next document, which is special for two reasons.

First, the lovely yellow and green FICH bumper sticker. Lew decided it would make a great letter-head. He used it for the very first FICH Appeal, written and presented by Lew and the barrister in a sentencing hearing. Lew reckoned it had an effect of some kind on the judge and the sentencing, although he did feel very put down when the judge demanded to know: “Who is this man! What is this support group!”

Here is the appeal letter Lew wrote for a Wacol Prison FICH member. I have covered the name to protect his privacy.

Sentencing letter

And here are a couple of excerpts from the writings of Greg Clark, first published in a FICH Newsletter in 1993.

Greg Clark_1

Greg Clark_2

And finally, here is an excerpt from an Anonymous Prisoner. Like that episode of Mozart in the Jungle, it is Not Yet Titled. It is a despairing cry, echoed by many on the outside, to please!

Let care leavers out of jail and give them their lives back.

Not Yet Titled: Anonymous, 1993


Any comments about the number of Australian prisoners who were in care as children are welcome. I’m not going to be able to stop asking, so hope somebody out there knows more than I do.




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