Stretching Our Credulity

I’ve never watched the show Utopia, but will be sure to include it in my viewing diary now that it’s received a ringing endorsement from the PM! It must indeed be a good show if he can find the time to watch it, in between devising ways to increase inequality, dumping on the poor and disabled, ignoring climate science and so on.

Mr Turnbull is reported to have said the recent cabinet files in the filing cabinet story would stretch anyone’s credulity, and therefore would never turn up even in the imagination of TV script writers.

Here’s some of what stretches the credulity of this Forgotten Australian Family.


  • That nobody has yet come up with a better idea than brutally dragging children from their mothers while still being breast-fed, as Lew was.


  • That nobody has yet published the statistics on how many adult prisoners in Australia were ‘in care’ as children.




  • That Forgotten Australians still have no way of indicating, by means of a Gold Card or similar, that they are disadvantaged and ought to be treated with sensitivity and respect by doctors, other health and welfare professionals, and public servants, most of whom have never heard of FAs and don’t really want to know!


  • That as recently as two years ago, our family was targeted again, by welfare officials who had no idea that our disabilities were State-conferred and that we have yet to be acknowledged in any way as Forgotten Australian family members.

The credulity of many Australians is being stretched right now, and this is not due to disappearing filing cabinets!





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