Queensland State Election 1989

In the previous post I mentioned two elections, each of which coincided with the birth of one of our three children. So it would be with the Queensland Election 1989, which Lew contested as an Independent. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the ALP gave him their preferences. Other than that, and a campaign characterized by our increasing desperation, it wasn’t much different than the first two. This time, we had a new baby, a daughter so beautiful that people would stop us in the street to exclaim over her. They still do.

Lew leafleted the streets of Gympie, his new child no doubt impelling him to greater efforts. If you were in Gympie in 1989, maybe you read this leaflet.Election leaflet_1989.jpg

Or saw this cartoon


Lewis Blayse, 1989.

It could never be said that Lew didn’t work hard. He spent all the hours of the day writing and printing off leaflets on a Roneo Gestetner machine that someone donated to his campaign. I sincerely believed he would win. I was deluded off course. I thought people voted on the basis of who had the best ideas.

It was this election that took Lew away from the job-seeking activities he was supposed to be pursuing, and which got him kicked off the dole. Jobs for which he had applied included sweeping factory floors. Each year after our small crop venture failed we took it in turns to apply for jobs. Then finally our desperation must have become obvious to someone, enough to prompt them to raid us and order us back to the City in 1990, where Lew would get the job of Manager of the Qld Foundation for Blind People.

Blind Foundation Manager


It was after he was inevitably fired from this job that we began FICH, as well as enrolling in teaching diplomas, which necessitated putting our baby in childcare for 8 hours a day. She and I both suffered trauma from this experience. I wish I could say she recovered, but the jury is still out.

In tomorrow’s post I will include some material by and about FICH members.













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